Quilters Take a Moment

QTM is a virtual workshop series of nine recorded workshops and three live Q&A sessions with instructors

Workshop topics include
Quilt labeling and documentation
Writing for and about your quilts
Quilt photography and styling

Watch live sessions on October 12, 19 and 26th, 2023
Recordings available for viewing through the end of 2023.

$90/Quilt Alliance members and $125/non-members.
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Quilters Take a Moment is a virtual fundraiser for the nonprofit Quilt Alliance, and an online event for every quilter. We believe every quilt has a story, and this year, we’re featuring three educational sessions focused on documenting YOUR quilt story through writing, photography, and documentation.

Event Pass includes:

  • More than twelve hours of content, including all three workshop days and a chance to ask questions during the live Q&A.
  • Recordings of the entire event to watch (or re-watch!) any time that works for you.
  • A chance to win fabric, thread, quilting gear, and more from our amazing sponsors.

Scholarships are available for the cost of the 3-day Pass. Find more information and apply here.

QTM 2023 Sessions:

Writing For and About Your Quilts

Thursday, October 12 12:00-4:30 pm Eastern – or watch the recording

Writing Artist’s Statements and Bios – Heidi Parkes

Writing about your work and yourself is an essential part of artmaking, but it requires a skillset that feels quite different from sewing! Join Heidi Parkes for a thoughtful breakdown of the purpose and process of assembling these low-word-count gems that can woo your audience and succinctly communicate your goals, inspirations, and process.

Storytelling: How To Write Compelling Exhibition Labels About Your Quilts – Laura Hopper

At some point in your quilting career, you may be asked to write a label about a quilt or even an entire body of quilting work. But did you know that there are guidelines that museums and other exhibiting institutions use to create labels? The more your labels align with these principles, the more viewers will want to engage with your work. Learn strategies for writing labels about your quilts, from word counts to crafting a concise but compelling narrative, in this workshop led by award-winning independent curator and quilter Laura Hopper.

How to Write Your Quilt Story: A Workshop for Writers Who Quilt and Quilters Who Write (or Want To!) – Frances O’Roark Dowell

You love the idea of writing a story or novel that centers around quilting. But how do you get started, and just importantly, how do you write your story all the way to the end? Finally, what do you do with your quilt story when it’s ready to be sent out into the world?

In “Writing Your Quilt Story,” we’ll go over the basics of how to build a story as well as how to seamlessly incorporate quilts and quiltmaking into your fiction. We’ll discuss generating ideas from your own life and quilts as well as other go-to sources for quilt stories. Finally, we’ll dip into the business end of finding a home for your work.

Plus a live Q&A with instructors!

Labeling & Documentation

Thursday, October 19 12:00-4:30 pm Eastern – or watch the recording

Making Meaning: The Art and Practice of Quilt Labeling – Laura Hartrich

In this workshop we will:

  • explore our “why’s” for labeling
  • cultivate a mindset that will help us make labeling an integral part of our practices
  • discuss labeling techniques from simple to more complex, and when it might feel right to use each method. We’ll:
    • look at tons of images
    • experiment with supplies
    • and brainstorm labels for quilts that need them

Design & Print Custom Quilt Labels – Amira S. Ameruddin

Discover the essentials of designing quilt labels using Canva.com. This workshop provides a quick and focused introduction to creating personalized quilt labels that add charm to your creations. Add on your personal touch and create labels to match your quilts easily with easy to use software in this step-by-step workshop.

Document That Quilt! Techniques for Recording your Quilts and Stories – Quilt Alliance staff

How do you keep track of your quilts? And how do you document the stories behind them? What kinds of history is there in your quiltmaking community? The Quilt Alliance has 30 years of experience documenting the stories of quilts and quiltmakers — this workshop will talk about recordkeeping and quilt documentation tips and tricks throughout the lifecycle of a quilt.

Plus a live Q&A with instructors!

Photographing Your Quilts

Thursday, October 26 12:00-4:30 pm Eastern – or watch the recording

Quilt Photos That Mean Business: Winning Shots for Shows + Shops – Meg Cox

When the stakes are high, it’s time to level up your quilt photography. Fuzzy images and bad lighting aren’t going to get your quilt accepted into a show, won’t inspire shoppers to buy your quilts, and won’t attract quilters to sign up for your classes. Learn what the standards are for quilt show photos and getting your quilts featured in magazines. Find out about the best types and brands of lights and other equipment. Even your social media posts will get more attention with better photos, and that can lead to all sorts of opportunities.

Lighting and Simple Editing Tips to Take Quilt Photos Like a Pro – Azuree Maisie Holloway

We’ll be going over the best lighting situations for photographing your quilts, including using simple things you may have around your house to help improve the quality of light for quilt photos. We’ll also explore smartphone photo tips and tricks and a little bit of post editing magic! Learn these tips and tricks from a pro: Quiltfolk photographer Azuree Holloway has more than 15 years of photography experience and will investigate the ins and outs of photographing your quilts.

Unveiling The Fibers of Quilt Styling: A Creative Workshop – Trevor Holloway

Discover the art of quilts that is sometimes overlooked, styling, and visual narrative within it!

This workshop will focus on creating stunning scenes to help push your quilt storytelling even further.The experience is designed for quilting enthusiasts of all skill levels who want to elevate their quilting projects through innovative styling techniques. Led by Trevor Holloway, the stylist for Quiltfolk Magazine, he will delve into the world of set design, color theory, and composition to unlock new dimensions of creativity in quilt styling.

Plus a live Q&A with instructors!

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The Quilt Alliance is the only nonprofit solely dedicated to documenting, preserving and sharing the history of quilts and quiltmakers and QTM is our biggest fundraising event, generously sponsored by industry and foundation support. 

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